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Orlando Hair Clinic offers Hair Transplant for Facial areas like Eyebrows, Beard, sidenurns and Mustache

What is NeoGraft?

NeoGraft hair restoration technique literally makes it possible to restore a healthier, fuller and beautiful set of hair without anylinear surgical scar. It is an automated system and doesn’t involve the removal of skin strip, implying that the extracted hair follicles with automated punch are far much less prone to scar. There’s little downtime and results look very natural and satisfying.

How does the Eyebrow Hair Transplant with NeoGraft Work?

First and foremost, it is critical to note that this technique is an automated process, and does not involve the use of any surgical blades and any other manual tool to harvest. Typically, the procedure begins with the removal of hair from the donor area, which is usually in the back side of the head. Each section of graft in harvested using automated punch. Then recipient sites prepared keeping the direction and angle in mind for natural looking hair. After this, the follicular units are then carefully and precisely transplanted into the marking areas. If you are looking for natural looking thicker and full-grown eyebrows, this is one of the best way to get the permanent hair.

Eyebrow Beard Hair Transplant

Anybody out there who have experienced hair loss problem will tell you how distressing and embarrassing it can be. Hair loss can equally result in self-esteem issues as well as emotional problems. Perhaps this why you will want to do everything within your power to ensure you treat your hair loss condition.

Hair lose restoration techniques have advanced significantly in the last few years, and NeoGraft is arguably one of the best and effective hair loss treatment technology in the market today. This minimally-invasive hair restoration technique is far much superior to its conventional hair transplant counterparts and offers a broad range of potential benefits. Both women and men suffer from hair loss, and this particular treatment technique makes it possible to efficiently and quickly restore your lost hair.

Eyebrows are an important facial feature for everyone out there especially for woman. We always want to enhance the level of the thickness and the shape according to the trend of time and age. Thick and shapeless eyebrows may look masculine whereas thin and light-colored eyebrows will leave your face looking incomplete. Simply put, losing your natural facial definition can make you a frustrated and incomplete individual. At Orlando Hair Clinic, we offer NeoGraft, a revolutionary hair treatment method which can deliver and restore the thickness and shape of your eyebrows.Nice shaped full looking eyebrows are a part of good facial features that complete your look.

Beard Hair Transplant

An unhealthy and patchy beard can be a source of lower confidence to many men. According to a particular study, nearly forty-five percent of men globally are finding it extremely difficult to grow and maintain thick healthy beards. If you are a male, the chances are high that you have some bald patches in sideburns or in your beard. If you are currently suffering from beard hair loss, you are definitely at the right place to get the answer and treatment with complete satisfaction.

NeoGraft is a revolutionary hair loss restoration technique and can be used to help rejuvenate a natural growth of hair on the various areas within your body, including facial hair such as beard. Just like in the eyebrow hair restoration procedure, NeoGraft hair replacement technique involves the application of the same technique to help hair grow on your beard region. Typically, NeoGraft is a minimally-invasive beard hair restoration technique and a viable option for anyone seeking to restore permanent beard hair with transplantation.

What is the cost of Eyebrow Hair Transplant Procedure?

It varies patient to patient depending on the size and the thickness of the eyebrow. At Orlando Hair Clinic, we offer eyebrow hair replacement treatment at a highly affordable cost. Contact us @ 407-853-2677 to setup a complementary consultation and get the actual estimate for your procedure for FREE.

What is the cost of Beard Hair Replacement?

It varies patient to patient depending on the size and the thickness of the beard and sideburns. At Orlando Hair Clinic, we offer Hair transplant to Facialregion at highly affordable cost. Contact us @ 407-853-2677 to setup a complementary consultation and get the actual estimate for your procedure for FREE. Also you can take an advantage of our specials for the procedures when you setup an appointment for complementary consultation at our office.

The transplanted hair started growing mostly between 5 to 12 months after the surgery.
Yes, the transplanted hair is permanent. You never lose your transplanted hair.
Hair transplant can look completely natural if you go to a talented and well-qualified physician.
There’re no age restrictions after the age of 21. One can have hair transplant when it’s needed. Restriction applies due to past or current medical conditions.

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