Exosomes Hair Restoration

Exosomes Hair Restoration regenerate hair follicle tissue encouraging the growth of new and healthy hair.

What is Exosomes Hair Restoration?

The advent of technology has really helped elevate the hair transplant industry. As opposed to the traditional hair restoration techniques that offered less convincing results, the latest hair restoration methods are not only highly effective but are minimally invasive as well. While stem cells have taken hair restoration arena to the next level, exosomal treatment for hair loss has made it even better!

Orlando hair transplant clinic now offers NUGrow Exosomes hair transplant technique and one which has greatly revolutionized the hair transplant industry.

To put it simply, exosomes are like vehicles! They are structures found within the cells and carry fluid and genetic material which are abounding within your plasma. Research has indicated that Exosomes play a vital role in enhancing communication with other cells. They act as paracrine effectors and have a role in stimulating or signaling adjacent cells. The stimulating effect upon tissues and other cells is caused by transporting biochemical stimulating contents from one cell to the other. Exosomes have the ability to regenerate tissues and can also bring back to life damaged or even dead tissues.

How Does The Treatment Occur

As we previously mentioned, Exosomes have the ability to rejuvenate hair follicles thus triggering the growth of new hair follicle cells. Typically, regenerative cells usually work to stimulate, heal, repair and restore damaged or worn out tissues and cells. The genetic and hormonal effect of Exosomes supports and encourages the growth of new and healthy hair follicles. The tiny size of Exosomes allows for relatively easy injection with local anesthesia into the patients’ superficial dermis of the scalp. NUGrow Exosomes Hair Restoration procedure is usually conducted in the same manner as other simple hair transplant procedures are done in our offices.

What Can You Expect After The Procedure?

NUGrow Exosomes Hair Restoration technique is a highly effective procedure that offers natural and satisfactory results. Of course, this can be attributed to Orlando hair clinic’s highly qualified and highly experienced aesthetic and cosmetic surgeons.

The procedure is usually conducted by the highly experienced, well-trained and certified Dr. J. After the procedure, patients will always experience visible results after three months.

However, full-grown, healthy and vibrant hair will only be visible after six months. Simply put, hair loss treatment with exosomes is a safe and exciting prospect that guarantees natural results.

Frequently Asked Questions


After how long does transplanted hair start growing?

The transplanted hair started growing mostly between 5 to 12 months after the surgery.

Does the hair transplant look natural?

Hair transplant can look completely natural if you go to a talented and well-qualified physician.

What age is best for hair transplant?

The experts recommend the ideal age for hair transplant is somewhere in 30s.

Who should the patient go to for his/her surgery?

The patient should choose a talented and experienced surgeon who treats him professionally. Dr. J. at ORLANDO HAIR CLINIC is one of the best physicians for hair transplants.

Is transplanted hair permanent?

Yes, the transplanted hair is permanent because during surgery your own healthy hair follicles are used to fill your balding areas.

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