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Millions of men and women all over the world suffer from hair loss. Whether it is because of a condition called alopecia…

What is ACell + PRP Injection Therapy?

The number of people who are suffering with hair loss problem are in millions and it effect equally to the both genders. Whether it is a natural reaction to aging, stress, insufficient sleep, or a condition called Alopecia, facing extreme hair loss can destroy your confidence. For those who are looking for an effective hair loss treatment for thinning hair, ACell + PRP Injection Therapy offers a new solution.

Benefits of ACell+PRP Injection

    • Non-surgical procedure
    • Cost-effective
    • No side effects
    • No post-procedure care
    • Quick Results
    • Natural regrowth
    • Much healthier and stronger hair
    • Less hair loss

The ACell + PRP Injection Procedure:

It’s a small operation that will be done in 90 minutes approx. and it is essential for the thinness of the hair. This process is consists of two latest technologies named:

  • PRP
  • ACell’s MatriStem

This process is quite different from other traditional hair transplant treatment. It requires a specific component of the blood called PRP that took from patient’s blood. It’s basically plasma that enrich with platelet and it also gives many benefits to the scalp. PRP contains high levels of growth factors that stimulate hair regrowth when injected into the patient’s scalp. A specific acellular is found in human body in a natural way. When introduced to the body using the MatriStem device, it triggers the formation of new blood vessels and cells in the treatment area.

Together, these two treatments make for an effective hair restoration solution. for rejuvenates, the experts use ACell + PRP Injection Therapy that will affected hair follicles and make hair healthier and beautiful. It leads to more robust hair growth in both men and women suffering from pattern hair loss, alopecia areata, hypotrichosis, and other non-hereditary hair loss conditions. New hair growth is noticeable in as little as two months and continues up to a year or more after the initial treatment. This non-surgical is not essential for the hair loss but it will also bring back your lost confidence.

ACell + PRP with NeoGraft Hair Transplant Surgery

People prefer to have long and healthy hair and it give compliment to their personality as well so, hair loss can ruin the whole look. It would be a huge embarrassment moment when you find your head bald or thinning hair, it will surely take down your confidence. Both men and women all over the world suffer in shame, wishing for a full head of healthy hair. Good thing there are so many safe, non-invasive hair restoration techniques.

Neograft Hair Transplant Surgery is another technique that work with ACell + PRP and consider as most effective techniques for reverse hair thinning process. Basically the two natural components ACell and PRP are found in the human body that helps the scalp to grow natural hair after the treatment.

ACell improves the appearance of scalp scars and attracts growth hormones to the treatment site. For better regrowth cytokines and proteins helps a lot that are found in the platelets of the human.

Neograft, the third component of this treatment, is the first FDA-cleared follicular unit extraction method for minimally invasive hair transplant procedures.

In this treatment, while you’re moving the existing hair, you’re making the existing hair healthier and providing faster healing at the transplant site.

Why Choose Orlando Hair Clinic for Hair Loss Treatments

Orlando hair clinic have one of the best physicians named Dr. J at Orlando Hair Clinic and he is experienced enough to deal with different hair loss issues in the US. He is not only a member of numerous medical academies for hair restoration but also visits other countries all over the world to learn new treatments and techniques and gain knowledge. This commitment to ongoing education improves the quality of results, treatment protocols, and techniques at his clinic, allowing him to stand out from other physicians.

He’s made it his mission to find more effective and advanced surgical and non-surgical treatments for hair loss. It has been more than ten years since he began providing PRP treatments for hair loss. He’s one of the few physicians in the US who has introduced PRF treatment for hair loss to his patients and received satisfactory results.

Just have a look at all the good reviews Orlando Hair Clinic receives thanks to Dr. J and his staff’s reliable service, kind bedside manner, and satisfying treatment results. So, please visit Orlando Hair Clinic for surgical and non-surgical treatments. If you want an effective hair loss treatments then don’t forget to take the appointment. The clinic welcomes to all the patients around the world.


about ACell+PRP Treatment

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How many treatments do I need?

That depends on your needs and current hair condition. However, usually, we recommend three additional PRP sessions every 4-6 weeks following ACell treatment. In most cases, patients start to see improvement is 3 to 6 months.

Are there any side effects of this treatment?

No, there are no side effects noted. Some patients experienced mild soreness and swelling.

Can anyone have this treatment?

Yes, except for patients with certain medical complications like hematopoietic cancer, metastatic conditions, or those taking certain medications, including immunity suppressants.

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